What’s Current: Jaden Smith will wear what he wants, thankyouverymuch

Jaden Smith Louis Vuitton

Flying in the face of sex-role stereotypes, which dictate that a man can’t wear feminine-designated clothing, 17-year-old male actor, Jaden Smith, becomes the new face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear.

If Wonder Woman doesn’t get to wear pants, no one does!

Twelve historical women who gave no fucks.

It’s time to start on our New Years resolutions after the indulgent holiday season — here are five moves that will tone your flabby winter labia.

The disturbing truth about college football and rape:

“Overall, researchers conclude, football games are associated with 253 to 770 additional rapes per year across the 128 schools in Division 1A. ‘Potential perpetrators,’ the authors wrote, ‘may believe that the probability of being punished (and the degree of punishment) will be lower if they and/or their victims are inebriated.’”

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