What’s Current: We should look to the sex of the Cologne attackers, not their race

Cologne, Dec 31, 2015

We should look to the sex of the Cologne attackers, not their race:

“In focussing on difference, in this case, racial or ethnic difference, we miss vital similarity. There is a common thread throughout these assaults and the vast majority of violence against women throughout the world. The perpetrators are men.

The anti-migrant lobby won’t compel their rightful disgust at Cologne’s events into combating the swinging cuts to domestic and sexual violence charities throughout the UK. They won’t support the actions of Sisters Uncut and other women’s groups fighting to put violence against women back on the agenda. They aren’t even likely to push for the most reliable solution to events like Cologne: a robust program of sexual and emotional education that comprehensively deals with rape, sexual assault and gender imbalance.

Instead, the energies of the Right will be poured into closing the borders and refusing refuge. Those who have never fought for women’s rights will opportunistically use women’s sexual trauma as the vehicle for their xenophobia, another brick for their much-loved border.”

Korean skin-whitener ad using slogan: “You just need to be white to win,” is pulled from television.

Twelve women rescued in Puget Sound trafficking bust.

Eighteen-year-old girl gang-raped by five men at Brooklyn playground.

Warrior Sisters puts out a bill of rights for women everywhere.

“Telling women to apologize less isn’t about empowerment. It’s about shame.”

Rashida Jones is everything:

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.