What’s Current: 15-year-old boy charged in Stockholm’s music festival rapes

Image/The Spectator
Image/The Spectator

Sweden’s prime minister, Stefan Löfven, responds to a string of 38 reported sexual assaults and rapes at a teen music festival in Stockholm:

“Whatever the motive we have to work more with attitudes among young men,” Löfven said. “It’s never OK to grope or harass women.”

Police have laid charges against a 15-year-old boy in relation to the case.

Emma Watson pays tribute to Alan Rickman by mentioning his support for feminism; anti-feminist trolls attack.

Belgian journalist posing as a paedophile uncovers “cyber sex den” (rape den) in the Philippines where men travel to abuse young girls on camera for other abusers.

Alberta’s education minister outlines five major policy changes that will allow students to define their own gender.

Alisa Bernard articulates (roughly a decade after she, herself, was sold online) why we’re long overdue for a crackdown on online hubs for prostitution. 

Fay Blaney argues in The Globe and Mail that, unless the missing and murdered Indigenous women’s inquiry involves front-line women’s groups in addition to families of victims, findings will be incomplete. See her interview with the Feminist Current here. 

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