What’s Current: Inquiry into missing & murdered Indigenous women must proceed from feminist perspective

Missing Women

Murdered women’s inquiry must confront barriers Indigenous women face in Canadian society.

“Fay Blaney, a chairwoman of Vancouver’s annual memorial march for missing and murdered aboriginal women says she’s concerned a national inquiry will leave out a crucial issue — feminism…

‘It needs to proceed from a feminist perspective. This is an issue of Indigenous women’s equality,’ she said. ‘I didn’t hear that coming from them.’”

“Are ‘lesbians’ even real?”: A letter from the Academy on why Carol was totally snubbed.

Julien Blanc’s Pick Up Artist boys are back in Australia to explain offer helpful advice such as, “Choke a woman a little and she’ll want to have sex with you.”

On Bill Cosby and his enablers:

“Much like it is impossible to understand the killing of Tamir Rice as murder without some study of racism, it is impossible to imagine Bill Cosby as a rapist without understanding the larger framework. (For instance, it took until 1993 for all 50 states to criminalize marital rape.) Rape is systemic. And like all systems of brutality it does not exist merely at the pleasure of its most direct actors. It depends on a healthy host-body of people willing to look away.”

Sex toy company called Guy Fi creates a public masturbation booth for men in New York City as part of a marketing campaign.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.