What’s Current: Academy commits to doubling number of women & diverse voting members by 2020


After announcing yet another nominee list wherein white men are overrepresented, the Academy announces that it will attempt to double its number of women and diverse voting members by 2020.

The UK Home Affairs Committee is currently open for submissions to its inquiry on prostitution. London may soon be following the recent model implemented in Leeds, allowing for a “managed” prostitution zone during certain hours wherein johns and pimps need not fear arrest.

Flight attendant tells how she learned to recognize human trafficking and what you can do.

In news that makes you want to scream, Pornhub is launching an “Anti-Domestic Violence clothing line.” Pornhub.

Gillian Anderson was initially offered HALF of David Duchovny’s pay for the X-Files revival.

The Oxford Dictionary realizes that illustrating “rabid” with “feminist” is a totally sexist move.

As neoliberalism invades every aspect of life, University students view themselves as paying customers who demand to not be offended by challenges to the dominant ideologies they hold dear:

“One of the unforeseen aspects of the introduction of market principles to British academic life over the past decade is that fee-paying students have come to see themselves as customers, and as a consequence have grown more ready to assert their rights and voice their dissatisfactions. And if they don’t like the look or sound of something, then the answer for an increasing number of students is not to confront it but demand its removal…

The bearded man shouting ‘safe space’ doesn’t look remotely intimidated. Instead he seems like someone who knows exactly what the approved complaint is to make, someone who is fully aware of his consumer rights.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.