What’s Current: Ghomeshi sexual assault trial started today

Photo credit: Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press
Photo credit: Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press

The Jian Ghomeshi sexual assaut trial is underway. Here is a liveblog of the events of the first day.

“The witness testified this morning that the former CBC radio host pulled her hair “very hard” and punched her in the head at his house after they met for a date.”

Pro-rape “pick up artist” group plans worldwide event in 43 countries on February 6, 2016 (lead by MRA, Roosh V.). The event is meant to take the woman-hating movement offline and into in-person communities across the globe. They state that women who attempt to interfere with the event will be filmed with footage sent to his worldwide “anti-feminist network,” who will then “exact furious retribution.”

Revenge porn’s new low: the “cum tribute:”

“The material posted might be different to the explicit content found in revenge porn (though user ‘Irish Exposed’ promises ‘nude pics’ upon request), but everything else is exactly the same; the identical ingredients of power, control, and intention to sexually demean, are all present and grimly accounted for.”

New study shows that students prefer male professors over female professors, regardless of their skill level or teaching style.

Julie Bindel speaks on a panel discussion asking the question: “Is identity politics eating itself?” (If you only want to see her talk, without watching the others, here is an edited version, featuring just Bindel.)

Susan Cox

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