What’s Current: Roosh V not welcome in Ottawa

Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, tweets that Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh) and his views are not welcome in Ottawa. “Hate groups are not welcome in city buildings.”

In light of the impending “pro-rape” global gathering of men lead by MRA, Roosh V., Scottish women’s organizations join forces to call for the Scottish Government to “introduce an offence of incitement of hatred against women.” Representative of Rape Crisis Scotland commented:

“Lots of other jurisdictions include women in their hate crime legislation. We don’t have any hate crime legislation for women and I do think what this exposes is a gap in the criminal law. If what he is doing is promoting rape then an incitement to hatred offence would enable us to deal with that.”

Australian petition advocates to stop Roosh V from entering the country and allowing his followers to hold a meeting. Roosh V proceeds to mock Australian authorities by, claiming he will infiltrate their “swiss cheese” borders by boat.

U.S. lawmaker from Utah proposes bill declaring pornography a public health hazard. Senator Todd Weiler presented a “fact-based” argument, considering the societal ramifications of the porn industry:

“Weiler added in the bill that pornography also treats women as objects and commodities pointing out that boys learn to be users while girls learn that they are to be used, FOX reported. Weiler added, ‘Pornography normalizes violence and abuse of women and children; WHEREAS, pornography treats women and children as objects and often depicts rape and abuse as if they are harmless.’

When interviewed by the media, the politician also said that pornography was more addictive than the most powerful drugs in the world and the public needs to start seeing that adult films are not a form of entertainment but a national epidemic, New York Daily News reported.”’

THANK YOU. Some one in the U.S. government is actually bothering to make an assessment of one of the most culturally impactful mutli-billion dollar industries in the world.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.