What’s Current: New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University cuts Women’s Studies program

Another Women’s Studies department bites the dust. Canadian school, Mount Allison University announces that they will drop Women and Gender Studies in the 2016-2017 academic year. Petition calls to stop the University from cutting its funding to the program.

Feminism In London writes letter to Home Secretary Theresa May highlighting how Roosh V. should be barred from entering the country under Immigration Rules.

Squad of women in boxing gloves to crash Roosh V’s “pro-rape” Toronto meet-up. (Join the global Roosh V “welcoming party” here!)

The US Center for Disease Control tells women of child-bearing age that they shouldn’t drink unless they are on birth control, because otherwise there is always a chance that they could be unknowingly pregnant. (Everyone knows that women’s bodies are public property insofar as they are gestational machines, and therefore have a societal duty to always be a hospitable environment for fetuses.)

Dallas, Texas officials have confirmed that the first that the first case of Zika virus in the US has been transmitted locally, via sexual intercourse.

Sick of racism and harassment from Winnipeg cab drivers, aboriginal woman, Jackie Traverse, takes direct feminist action, creating a group to offer safe rides to aboriginal women.

“Beyond the issues Indigenous women face once they arrive in some cabs in the city, Traverse said sometimes it’s challenging to even get a cab in the first place.

‘No cab would take me. I was walking down the street with my money out in my hand trying to find a cab, to show them that I had money. Sometimes that’s the only way a cab will stop is if you hold your money with both hands in front of you. So I ended up walking home, which took me an hour, and it was really bitterly cold that night. Twenty cabs must have driven by me that night, and I couldn’t get a cab,’ Traverse said…

‘I’m done with asking for permission to look after our women. We shouldn’t have to ask for permission to look after our own. I don’t think there’s a legal thing with offering a ride. How could that be illegal?’”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.