What’s Current: Could Loretta Lynch replace late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia?

loretta lynch

SCOTUS analyst says that Loretta Lynch is the most likely candidate to replace Scalia. She would be the first black woman ever nominated to the Supreme Court.

Study finds that male undergrads overestimate their male peers and underestimate women.

Two Veteran LAPD cops are charged with raping four women over the course of several years, while on duty. Each of the women were arrested before the cops raped them. One officer raped one of his victims at gunpoint. They are both facing life in prison.

Miss Australia winner severely injured after the police accidently threw a grenade into her bed while she was sleeping.

Support Julie Bindel’s investigative journalism project, “The pimping of pregnancy: Exposing the international commercial surrogacy business.”

“Whilst the rich Westerners buying surrogacy services often see the ‘service’ as a human right, many would argue that using poor, brown women as incubators is racist, colonialist, and akin to prostitution…

Once working as surrogates, women can be kept in cramped quarters and told when to eat, drink, and sleep. Monitored like prisoners, they may be required to refrain from sex and riding bicycles. Surrogates can also be prevented from using painkillers, even for conditions such as migraine, or required to take medicines like Lupron, estrogen, and progesterone to help achieve pregnancy, all of which can have damaging side effects.”

Missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada could number 4,000.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.