What’s Current: Kesha receives overwhelming support from female celebrities

Lada Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Lena Dunham -- Photograph: Getty Images
Lada Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Lena Dunham — Photograph: Getty Images

Stars rally in support of Kesha after court ruling denying her escape from working with her rapist, Dr. Luke.

Lena Dunham writes a great essay on how Kesha’s ruling highlights the way the American legal system continues to fail women by making it impossible for them to escape their male abusers:

“For example: 19 states in America still allow rapists to assert parental rights over children conceived through rape, yoking women (and their children) to their attackers for a lifetime, an unimaginable cycle of revictimization. But it’s real. The same man who violently assaulted you could get the right to cuddle the baby that resulted from that assault.”

In Gaza, bicycles are a battleground for women who dare ride when an unwritten rule bars females from cycling past puberty.

According to global data, women suffer from “time poverty” by performing the majority of unpaid domestic labor. In the United States, research found that women spend about four hours a day on unpaid labor — about twice as much as men — while men spend significantly more time on paid work and leisure activities, including playing sports, watching TV, and hanging out with friends.

U.S. Republicans hop on the PC bandwagon using the ideological tools of “j’accuse” to frame women seeking abortions of Down Syndrome fetuses as nothing more than ableist bigots.

“[Opponents] of abortion have begun to use Down Syndrome in their attempt to roll back women’s reproductive rights. Last month, the Missouri Senate debated a bill that would outlaw selective abortion — that is, termination of an otherwise wanted pregnancy on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis. This is not the first bill of its kind. In 2013, North Dakota passed a similar ban, and legislation is pending in Ohio and Indiana.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.