What’s Current: Female labour MPs to challenge Jeremy Corbyn on pro-prostitution stance

Jeremy Corbyn

UK leftist political leader, Jeremy Corbyn, comes out in favour of blanket decriminalization of prostitution, including the decriminalization of pimps, johns, and brothel owners. It is expected that female Labour MPs will voice their opposition to his comments on Monday at the meeting of the parliamentary party (PLP).

Julie Bindel takes Corbyn to task for this position, writing:

“Why the left supports the rights of pimps and brothel owners is a mystery. It is akin to supporting tobacco industry profiteers in order to destigmatize smokers.”

Feminist writes letter to Jeremy Corbyn: “Do you want to decriminalize murder too, dear Jeremy?”

Three brave Canadian women speak up about the human rights violation that sees a number of restaurants require their female staff wear “sexy” clothing on the job.

Japanese women are being forced to perform in porn after being conned by fake modeling contracts. Lawyers and campaigners say at least one woman has killed herself after becoming a victim of the Japanese porn industry’s coercive tactics.

On Cosmopolitan’s evolution from selling “sex tips” to selling porn:

“Today’s Cosmo is not just about pushing sexual boundaries or sex tips for the average twenty-something looking for spice in her dating life. An abrupt shift from that fare occurred in 2012 when Cosmo published a handful of articles online glorifying the multi-billion dollar pornography and commercial sexual exploitation industry. In 2013, the number of porn-related pieces jumped to around 50. In 2014, they skyrocketed to 108, followed by another increase in 2015. The content ranges from articles urging that sex education be taught by porn “stars” to in-depth interviews extolling the virtues of the sex trade. Some pieces even call on Hollywood to take cues from the porn industry, as if it needed more permission to treat women as commodified second-class citizens.”

She wanted to do her research. He wanted to talk “feelings.” On sexual harassment in the STEM disciplines of higher education.

“Plenty of explanations have been offered as to why women leave science, but the reason doesn’t appear to be performance. The University of Washington found no difference in G.P.A. between the women who remained and those who transferred out of its STEM programs from 1991 to 1996. Within the same study, women reported both isolation and intimidation as barriers blocking their scholarly path.”

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Césarion

    Hopefully Corbyn will open his eyes. The NSWP propaganda has been a real success :/

  • melissa

    wow so horribly disappointed in Corbyn. as predicted every single person at the gaurdian fb page and the article’s comment sec was applauding this crap. conservative men want women to be private property and here’s the liberal men making women public property.

  • lagattamontral

    I’m glad to see these cases about “sexy” clothing. These can mean harassment from clients, and worse, being followed by them after the shift. And the shoes are crippling.

  • jdndcus

    I’m not surprised. Corbyn is the apotheosis of the modern left.

  • rosearan

    I’d really like this article to be sent to Jeremy Corbyn. He seems a sensitive and reasonable man, but he is constrained by the strict rules of liberal progressiveness, which for reasons I find impossible to fathom (or maybe not), he confuses freedom of expression with freedom to exploit. Few men on the liberal left really think through the consequences for women of their commitment to so-called sexual freedom.

  • rosearan

    Sorry, the ‘article’ I suggested be sent to Jeremy Corbyn was Megan’s article ‘Jeremy Corbyn thinks prostitution should be legalised’. I posted in the wrong thread.