What’s Current: Sony Music said to be trying to sever ties with Dr. Luke, Kesha’s alleged abuser

Dr. Luke

Rumours surface that Sony Music is trying to find a way to end Dr. Luke’s contract amid public outcry over his abuse of Kesha. Dr. Luke’s lawyer refutes these claims.

Bombay woman marries herself, her cat, and other things important to her, in order to question the primacy of marriage in a woman’s life.

Zika has pregnant women in the U.S. worried, and doctors have few answers.

Take the quiz to find out how many laws you would have broken today if you were a woman living in another part of the world. (I broke nine.)

It probably would have been easier to just let it slide and hope everyone would forget with time, but Fox Sports correspondent Erin Andrews doggedly insisted that her sexual violation was not okay. Her bravery and persistence paid off, and she was awarded $55 million in her lawsuit. Though she probably will not collect anything close to that amount, it is still an important symbolic victory.

Glosswitch on Trousers for All: Why are girls still being required to wear skirts to school?

“As is the case with so many seemingly trivial points of differentiation between men and women, what matters is not the thing in itself, but what it signifies. If the right to wear trousers had no broader meaning, women would not have had to fight for it, but fight for it they have… Female politicians were not permitted to wear them on the US Senate floor until 1993. It was 2013 before an (ultimately rarely used) bylaw requiring women in Paris to ask permission from city authorities before “dressing as men” was finally revoked. Women in Malawi were not permitted to wear trousers at all between 1965 and 1994 and still face threats and attacks for doing so. This is not about style or gender as play, but power, and it remains the case even if we are discussing something as seemingly minor and mundane as school uniform.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.