What’s Current: The Trump family fortune began on the backs of prostituted women

Donald Trump's Grandfather, Friedrich “Frederick” Trump.
Donald Trump’s Grandfather, Friedrich “Frederick” Trump.

Who made Donald Trump the man he is today? His grandfather, in part, who amassed the first Trump fortune on the backs of prostituted women.

UN Women launches The Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database, a repository of gender equality related provisions in 195 countries.

Independent feminist publisher, Spinifex Press, is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Congratulations, sisters!

Glosswitch on the commodification of “period positivity.”

“In recent years we’ve witnessed the way in which body positivity — once a grassroots movement encouraging women to question the mainstream images of female beauty — has been picked up and sold back to women by the beauty and diet industries. Your body lotion isn’t anti-ageing, it’s pro-age. Your starvation diet isn’t making you less of yourself, it’s making you your very best version of you.

That body positivity comes with a hefty price tag is something we’ve come to accept. After all, isn’t a willingness to shell out evidence of self-respect? We’re worth it, right? We’re body positive, age positive, and now we’re becoming period positive. So why should we be surprised if the cost of the latter is starting to mount?”

Portlandia opens a feminist superstore! “Experience authentic feminism, without the high prices!”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.