What’s Current: Ten johns arrested in Winnipeg

john arrest

Police arrest 10 johns in Winnipeg through counter-exploitation unit task force. Legislation banning the purchase of sex has been in place for nearly a year and a half now. Eight vehicles were seized during the sting.

Man arrested for brutal murder of 11-year-old Teresa Robinson from Garden Hill First Nation. Robinson’s body was found in May 2015.

Student who reported sexual violence from her professor at Brock University responds to the school’s lack of action. 

In a supposed “technical glitch,” Florida State University e-mails details of assault and harassment complaints to 1600 students, including the alleged perpetrators.

This Huffington Post exposé explores misogynist culture in America’s national parks:

“In 2012 in Texas, members of the Parks and Wildlife Department complained about a “legacy” of racial and gender intolerance; only 8 percent of the state’s 500 game wardens were women. In 2014, in California, female employees of the U.S. Forest Service filed a class-action lawsuit—the fourth in 35 years—over what they described as an egregious, long-standing culture of sexual harassment, disparity in hiring and promotion, and retaliation against those who complained. (That lawsuit is still pending.) And this January, the Department of the Interior’s Office of Inspector General announced that it had “found evidence of a long-term pattern of sexual harassment and hostile work environment” in the Grand Canyon’s River District, a part of the Park Service.”


Jess Martin

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