What’s Current: Women don’t really care what Jamie Oliver thinks about breastfeeding

Jamie Oliver

Glosswitch asks: “Is it up to Jamie Oliver to say how women should breastfeed?”

Jeremy Corbyn says that the UK should decriminalize prostitution, but what do women on the front line think? When asked about the term “sex work,” Rachel Moran, international speaker and bestselling author answered:

“I wouldn’t dream of using the deliberately [obscurantist] term ‘sex work’ and you will find that only those who wish to deny prostitution’s degrading nature will do so. Terms that exist to obscure harm and damage have no place in any conversation about human rights. Anyway, the phrase ‘sex work’ falls at linguistics first hurdle since it describes a situation that doesn’t exist. Prostitution cannot be described as either sex or work; what is bought in prostitution is not sex, which contains mutuality as a marker of its nature. What’s sold in prostitution is sexual access, which is another matter entirely. As for the ‘work’ fallacy, inhumane and degrading treatment is not tolerated under international human rights law, never mind considered ‘work.’”

Women suing Bill Cosby for defamation can use Andrea Constand’s case file against him. Writes U.S. District Judge Anita Brody: “The public reaps no benefit by allowing settlement agreements to suppress evidence.”

Indian Wells CEO, Raymond Moore, resigns after sexist comments on womens’ tennis, who said female players “should get down on their knees’ in thanks to male counterparts such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.”

Jonah Mix argues that “pro-prostitution Marxism is ahistorical, incoherent, woman-hating nonsense.”

“The new man of 4chan”: A look into the disturbing misogynistic culture of “beta males” on 4chan and its intersections with the mainstream liberal feminist movement.

“It is the geeks—those who merged the counterculture with information technology in the 1990s—who have already inherited the earth.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.