What’s Current: United Airlines pilot, Bruce Wayne Wallis, arrested for running prostitution ring in Houston

Bruce Wayne Wallis, 51
Bruce Wayne Wallis, 51

United Airlines pilot, Bruce Wayne Wallis, has been arrested for running massive prostitution ring in Houston, Texas. He used the Internet to advertise his brothels and charged women $400 a week to be sexually exploited by johns.

French journalist Florence Hartmann jailed by war crimes tribunal for revealing Srebrenica Massacre information in her book.

In the wake of Ghomeshi trial, Ontario launches pilot program to provide up to four hours of free legal advice for survivors of sexual assault.

WoLF launches crowdfunder to raise money for upcoming radical feminist festival!

Prostitution abolitionist Bridget Perrier set to inspire as guest speaker at upcoming Woman on Fire award ceremony in Toronto.

Zimbabwean lesbian asylum seeker told by UK authorities to “prove” she’s lesbian by handing over naked pictures.

Why we need Kate Millet’s ‘Sexual Politics.’

“Drawing on Weber, Engels, and Arendt, among others, Millett aimed to show how the relationship between the sexes was one of ‘dominance and subordinance.’ This power relationship was institutionalized, she argued; it was a form of ‘interior colonization,’ a kind of oppression ‘sturdier than any form of segregation, and more rigorous than class stratification.’ Children were socialized to their roles in this ‘caste system,’ thus consenting to a system of inequality long before they understood their world in such terms.”

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • therealcie

    How were they expecting nude pictures to give proof that she’s a lesbian? Do they believe that all lesbians have a scarlet L tattooed on their chests?
    Of course I know why they were asking this: because they are disgusting perverts. I was just imagining what their ridiculous excuse might be.

  • As it happens, I am reading Sexual Politics right now for the first time (hope to finish tonight). I find the examples she uses from literature very hard to read. I was quite depressed, then started thinking of pulpier homoeroticism (Tarzan, Conan the Barbarian), then thought of Gor, then thought of Gor satires, then was ok again. Gay Bejewelled Nazi Bikers cures a lot of ills.

    I have no idea how people manage to read the novels she cites. DH Lawrence might be funny in the right light, but the others?

    It was also weird to see her use the phrase “Sexual Revolution” to describe the first wave of feminism. But yeah, it’s still relevant.

    • lagattamontral

      I read that book decades ago, when I was a teenager. It is among the books I should re-read (there are so many). It was her doctoral dissertation, and at the time that would probably not have included pulp lit. I have a BA in Italian, so I’ve read far more “literary” writing than pulp. To each her own. Since then, there has been much more study about pulp and other popular genres.

      Sexual revolution was a very important component of the feminism of the period (do you mean “first wave” or “second wave”? (little as I like the “wave” periodisation). It was very important to emancipate ourselves from family and society control over our bodies and relationships. Yes, the term was hijacked by pornographers, but that was not the original intent.

      • First wave. She uses the term to describe the first wave. I guess it was too early to talk about a second wave at that point, since I don’t think it was quite mainstream yet.

  • Lucia Lola

    The program Ontario launched is much needed. I hope it gets green lit for more areas, quickly.