What’s Current: Wicked Campers facing campground backlash over sexist slogans

wicked campers

In New Zealand, Wicked Campers is feeling the heat for their extreme displays of sexism.

NYMag asked last week, “Is prostitution a job like any other?”

“As usual, the article begins with the story of a white, well-educated ‘escort’ seeking an edgy experience while attending a $50,000-a-year private college. The featured woman (and it almost always is an adult woman) negotiates the sex trade on her own terms and can exit anytime she wishes.”

Waitress is the first Broadway Show with an all-female creative team since 1984.

Donald Trump’s core political philosophy is misogyny. (It’s the one position he’s never changed).

Women with autism are socially punished more harshly than men with autism;

“It is different for men. My father was very quirky and people liked the fact that he was awkward, moody and tricky — in my experience that’s more socially acceptable for a man than it is for a woman…”

“…Past research into autism has concentrated overwhelmingly on males, meaning that the way we understand the condition, culturally and clinically, tends to be based on the experiences and behaviour of men and boys.”

Essay: “This isn’t about the Ghomeshi case.”

Women and minorities are penalized for promoting diversity.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.