What’s Current: Anti-feminists sabotage Kate Smurthwaite’s comedy show

“Activists” sabotage feminist comedian Kate Smurthwaite’s charity gig in “protest” of her support for the Nordic Model. Lesbian feminist blogger Purple Sage writes:

“Kate Smurthwaite was raising money for refugees. When anti-free-speech idiots shut down a charity gig that is raising money for refugees, that is the opposite of activism. What Smurthwaite was doing was activism — she was raising actual money for people who need it. Shutting down good activism because you disagree with the activist on a few things is just cowardly and counterproductive.”

Revenge porn website operator, Kevin Bollaert, sentenced to 18 years in county jail. Bollaert, a Web developer, posted more than 10,000 images of women in the span of a year and then charged his victims between $300 to $350 to have the pictures removed. He was convicted in February of multiple felony counts of identity theft and extortion. Bollaert was ordered to pay only $15,000 in restitution to his 8 victims who had come forward and a $10,000 fine.

Amber Rayne, adult actress who spoke out against James Deen, dies at 31. Rest in peace, sister.

Victims of sexual assault at Brandon University are required to sign a behavioural contract that requires they not discuss their assault with anyone except counsellors. Disobeying the contract could mean suspension or expulsion for the students.

The appalling maleness of U.S. culture is being illuminated by this particularly ugly election:

“Everything about the appalling maleness of the U.S. culture is illuminated by this election cycle. There are the antics, the sexist innuendo that bespeak an outright disgust and distrust of women. And there is very male coverage of all that. It’s a culture in which women are preferred as silent or as the stereotyped shrill, bickering harpies of reality TV. It’s quite a sight, on a primary night, or on any other night you turn on the TV.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.