What’s Current: Rachel Dolezal signed to write a book about race and identity

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal signs publishing deal to write book on race. Dolezal told TODAY talkshow host, Savannah Guthrie that the book is about “this larger issue of if you don’t fit into one box and if you don’t stay there your whole life, being identified from birth as who you are – what does that look like?”

Janice Raymond: “France’s ‘non’ to the notion of ‘sex work’ is a blow against the exploitation of women.” She writes: “The tide of prostitution policy flows increasingly toward the beachhead of decriminalizing women and criminalizing demand.”

A new ride-hailing company being described as “Uber for women” is set to launch in all 50 states on April 19th.

“A Los Angeles man posing as an Uber driver was arrested this weekend for kidnapping and raping a woman, choking her unconscious in the backseat of his SUV.

Such horror stories have become increasingly common with the proliferation of privatized ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

Though Uber dominates the market, it’s been relentlessly dogged by media reports of male drivers sexually assaulting or harassing women, opening up a market for women’s-only spin-offs.”

A female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school!

The Guardian finds that articles written by women attract more abuse and dismissive trolling than those written by men, no matter what the article is about.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.