What’s Current: Now you can literally play “The Woman Card”

the woman card

Now you can literally play “The Woman Card” — Kickstarter launches to sell a deck of cards featuring women such as Hillary, RBG, and Beyoncé.

The BauHaus Wife on “sex work,” privilege, mothers, and daughters.

Rachel Holmes on Eleanor Marx, the mother of socialist feminism:

“Eleanor’s life is one of the most significant and interesting events in the story of British socialism. Not since Mary Wollstonecraft had any individual made such a profound, revolutionary contribution to political thought — and action…

… She was one of the first and most prominent leaders of the new trade unionism, bringing feminism into the heart of the movement.”

Conversation featuring Sarah Ditum, Julie Bindel, and Peter Tatchell: “Is free speech at British Universities under threat?”

A writer at Everyday Feminism argues that ensuring men don’t feel insecure about their tiny penises should be a feminist concern. Liberation Collective responds brilliantly:

“It may not be nice to make fun of people, but this article simply encourages men to continue putting their insecurity at the forefront of women’s concerns, and to demand that women be even more reverent and accommodating towards them. This is a perpetuation of patriarchy…

The author of the Everyday Feminism article, for example, is so male-feelings-centric that they can’t even stand a joke at Hitler’s expense. So they have written an entire article trying to explain that the male genital ego is apparently an out-of-body nerve network so sensitive that it twitches in agony when you laugh at the dick of a dead genocidal tyrant.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.