What’s Current: Academia reinforces notion that women’s time & work is less valuable than men’s

female academics

Academia is quietly and systematically keeping women from succeeding:

“[A]cademia’s gradual transformation into an ‘adjunct nation’ has disproportionately affected women… Historically, female faculty have been pigeonholed into the position of adjunct. ‘Before women were allowed to be full professors, colleges often allowed them to teach at the adjunct level and wives of professors often picked up extra work as adjunct instructors,’ Kay Steiger writes in The Nation. This association became so strong, according to Eileen E. Schell, that adjuncts became known as ‘the housewives of higher education.’”

Like housewives, female adjuncts are not still fairly compensated for their work. Dismissed as “women’s work,” their labour is delegitimized through pay and through the restriction of their labour to part-time status.”

Lesbian couple crowned prom queen and king at their school in Tallahassee Florida. Congrats, kids!

It’s now almost definitely going to be a Trump vs. Hillary 2016 Presidential Race. So we can look forward to boatloads of misogyny like the latest in Trump supporter swag. Yaaaay. \(-_-)/

New study: When female babies cry men discount their level of distress.

Photo of woman standing in defiance of neo-Nazi men in Sweden goes viral.

Anonymous takes down Black Lives Matter website to make point that “All Lives Matter.”

New petition launched calling for the NSW Government to save the Awabakal Indigenous women’s Butterfly Cave. The cave is currently at risk to being destroyed for a housing development.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.