What’s Current: Lesbian kicked out of prom for wearing a suit

Aniya Wolf

Apparently the U.S. has regressed to “ye olden tymes” when only men wore pants and only women wore dresses, as a young woman was thrown out of her high school prom for wearing a suit.

UK police are not upholding revenge porn and child porn laws, and most known perpetrators are being let off without criminal charges. Victims are left abandoned by the justice system with no way to stop their endless revictimization by thousands of men online and the websites that profit from it.

Meanwhile, Japanese vagina kayak artist, Megumi Igarashi, is found guilty of obscenity for transmitting 3D digital printing files of female genitals. Japan has a huge revenge porn/child porn problem, which drives many victims to suicide. Yet the obscenity laws are applied to a woman creating art that attempts to challenge the taboo on the female body.

Trapped inside bodies that are too short, young Indian women seek dangerous limb-lengthening surgery.

Bakery firm apologizes for printing “donut boobs” on its female employees’ uniforms, thanks to Collective Shout pointing out that the uniform would act as an invitation for sexual harassment. (God, you can so easily imagine the degrading jokes male customers would make!)

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.