What’s Current: Jian Ghomeshi’s second sexual assault trial will not go ahead in June


Jian Ghomeshi will avoid his second sex assault trial by signing peace bond. The Crown is expected to drop criminal charges if he agrees to conditions.

bell hooks offers both criticism and praise of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.”

“Even though Beyoncé and her creative collaborators make use of the powerful voice and words of Malcolm X to emphasize the lack of respect for black womanhood, simply showcasing beautiful black bodies does not create a just culture of optimal well being where black females can become fully self-actualized and be truly respected.

Honoring the self, loving our bodies, is an appropriate stage in the construction of healthy self-esteem. This aspect of Lemonade is affirming. Certainly, to witness Miss Hattie, the 90-year-old grandmother of Jay-Z, give her personal testimony that she has survived by taking the lemons life handed her and making lemonade is awesome. All the references to honoring our ancestors and elders in Lemonade inspire. However, concluding this narrative of hurt and betrayal with caring images of family and home do not serve as adequate ways to reconcile and heal trauma.”

Janet Mock accuses bell hooks of “femmephobia”

#MaybeHeDoesntHitYou trends on Twitter with women sharing instances of non-physical abuse from male partners.

Jonah Mix has this weird thing called a “moral problem” with prostitution. He responds to the New York Times’ recent pro-prostitution piece by Emily Bazelon:

“Apparently, to Emily Bazelon, a law that recognizes an activity as harmful and seeks to curtail it is no more than ‘a weapon of moral disapproval.’ Why such a dismissive title doesn’t apply to every law, I’m not exactly sure – can anyone point me towards the governments forbidding things they consider morally upstanding and commendable?… Maybe I’m missing something that will be clarified in Bazelon’s upcoming op-ed, where she denounces laws banning unlicensed dentistry as ‘weapons of moral disapproval’ against black-market root canals.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.