What’s Current: Male anchor hands female colleague a cardigan to cover her bare shoulders


Male anchor hands sleeveless female meteorologist a cardigan to cover up with, on air; Twitter erupts. “Been getting a lot of emails,” he explains. Because nothing helps a woman’s professional position like legitimizing the public’s scrutiny of her body while she’s in the middle of doing her job!

After going missing for over a day, singer Sinead O’Connor found safe.

Glosswitch on the anguish of having breasts in patriarchy.

In NYC? The Left Forum is hosting a panel on Sunday about “deconstructing gender identity under male supremacy.”

“The pronomial is political.” Debbie Cameron contextualizes the “they” pronoun boom in linguistic history and how the current push to adopt “they” is qualitatively different than the historical move from “he” as the default third person singular to “she or he” in sentences like, “Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.” She writes:

“The problem first and second-wave feminists had with generic masculine pronouns was not about gender in the sense of identity, but about gender as an axis of power: the question was why ‘he’ outranked and subsumed ‘she’, and it mattered because that usage mirrored the actual social fact of women’s legal and political non-personhood.”

Sarah Ditum asks: “What is gender, anyway?”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.