What’s Current: Elbowgate is an example of political opportunism, not violence against women

Photo: Twitter/@GiantBlueRing
Photo: Twitter/@GiantBlueRing

“Associating elbowgate with violence against women is an insult to victims,” says Gabrielle Gallant in the Globe and Mail.

No charges laid in Thunder Bay case of Aboriginal woman found naked and crying in the streets, asserting that a man tried to kill her and drown her in a nearby lake.

Pornhub, as always and once again, turns sex into a commodity with creepy-as-shit new “fitness” game, BangFit.

Couple asks mother to buy her two girls, aged one and four, in a public Minneapolis bathroom. Couple is being released from prison today — only 36 hours later — with no charges laid.

Oklahoma bill which makes performing abortions a felony, punishable with removal of medical licence, awaits assent by Governor. 

Jess Martin

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