What’s Current: Men gang rape 16 year old girl in Rio de Janeiro; post photos & video on Twitter


That research claiming women are responsible for half of misogynistic abuse on Twitter may not be entirely accurate. Meagan Tyler explains:

“In terms of women’s abuse of other women it’s best understood under the framework of horizontal violence. Groups that are oppressed or marginalized, whether that be based on race, socio-economic background or gender or whatever, are more likely to lash out at each other. It’s kind of away of saying ‘I’m not like that’… it’s a way to get one up on another woman to raise yourself in the hierarchy.”

Sixteen-year-old girl raped by more than 30 men in Rio de Janeiro, two of whom posted photos and video of the assault on Twitter. The Globe and Mail reports:

“Before the accounts were suspended, the tweets racked up more than 550 likes and a deluge of replies with smiley faces and thumbs-up. Commenters using vulgar language celebrated the damage apparently inflicted on the girl’s genitalia and said she had no doubt ‘been asking for it.'”

Male-only spaces and female-only spaces do not serve the same purpose.

Helen Lewis: “There is more to the current Gender Revolution than upending our assumptions about the ‘correct’ names or pronouns or hobbies or appearance for men and women.”

Meghan Murphy

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