What’s Current: Apne Aap founded a school in India to help girls avoid systemic prostitution

Photo by Barbara Davidson for the Los Angeles Times.
Photo by Barbara Davidson for the Los Angeles Times.

reports on the prostitution crisis in India and the important work Apne Aap does to help women and girls in the trade. The organization founded the Kasturba Gandhi Girls School to help children who are “members of a marginalized caste known as the Nat community, which is trapped in a system of hereditary prostitution.” Ruchira Gupta, Apne Aap’s founder, explains:

“The school keeps them safe and away from the home-based brothels that they were growing up in. Otherwise, they would join their mothers in prostitution.”

After meeting with a divorce attorney, Linda Martin and her husband drove away in separate vehicles. Kenneth Martin, 52, walked up to his wife’s car at a busy intersection and shot her in the head. He is expected to be charged with murder.

The Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation responds to Emily Bazelon’s New York Times “sex work” article:

“Bazelon writes, the sex-worker’s rights movement is a rebellion against punishment and shame.’ Yet she misses the far more radical and empowering rebellion advanced by the abolitionist movement. Abolitionists rebel against a billion-dollar, patriarchal industry that exists entirely for male pleasure, and treats women as mere objects in service of that pleasure. We rebel against an industry driven by the sexual demands of the male client and, in the worst cases, the economic interests of brutal, controlling, abusive pimps who serve that demand.”

This year, the top three graduates from a Toronto firefighting school are, for the first time on record, women.

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