What’s Current: Convicted rapist, Ivan Henry, acquitted due to flawed process, awarded $8,000,000 from B.C. government

Ivan HenryB.C. Supreme Court delivered its judgement granting Ivan Henry $8,000,000. Henry was convicted of ten counts of sexual offence in March 1983, involving eight victims who were attacked in Vancouver in 1980-1982. Previous to that, Henry was convicted and jailed for attempted rape in Winnipeg. After being acquitted in 2010, Henry sued the City of Vancouver and senior levels of government. Vancouver Rape Relief collective member Louisa Russel says:

“Chief Justice Hinkson refused to address the question of Henry’s guilt in this civil trial and would not allow evidence to be brought forward, or any victim to testify. When the B.C. Supreme Court of Appeal acquitted Henry in 2010, it didn’t exonerate him. Henry was acquitted because his conviction was tainted of flawed process (aka wrongful conviction), not because he is innocent.”

Homa Hoodfar, a Concordia University professor known for her research on women in Islamic societies, was arrested by Revolutionary Guards and is being detained in Iran’s notorious Evin prison. Sign the petition requesting her release, here.

Ricky Sheppard, Spessard Holland Elementary School’s principal, charged with child pornography possession last week. Previous to his hiring, Sheppard had received a reprimand letter which “cited inappropriate gifts and statements to a 6-year-old,” warning him to make “No more verbal comments referring to ‘taking students home with you.'”

Syrian parliament elects first female speaker, Dr. Hadiyeh Khalaf al Abbas.

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