What’s Current: Federal government blocks petition fighting gender inequality in Indian Act

Sharon McIvor (Image/FAFIA)
Sharon McIvor (Image/FAFIA)

Canadian federal government moves to block Sharon McIvor’s petition to the UN for sex discrimination of Indigenous women on the basis that the current government is planning to “consult further on the elimination of the sex discrimination from the Indian Act as part of a ‘larger ongoing process.'”

Despite admitting guilt for “taking someone else’s life,”Oscar Pistorius claims the woman he murdered, Reeva Steenkamp, wouldn’t want him to “waste” his life behind bars. How convenient.

17-year-old Jensen Walcott was fired for confronting her boss at Pizza Studio in Kansas City over unequal pay between male and female employees.

Yesterday’s Rock Your Roots Walk in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan attracts thousands. The event concludes a two-month campaign to promote awareness around the history of residential schools and other abuses of Native peoples in Canada.

Famous female icons encourage women to “lean in together” because¬†competition between women is the problem? Together… *breathy tones* … we are still oppressed by men.

Jess Martin

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