What’s Current: Vancouver Police issue three-week-late public warning regarding Larry Takahashi

Vancouver Police have finally issued a public warning surrounding the parole release of “Canada’s most notorious serial rapist” Larry Takahashi. Unfortunately the notification came three weeks late, as media broke news of his release on July 26. The parole board deemed that Takahashi is a moderate-to-high risk for reoffending and after public outcry, police now note that “compelling circumstances exist” to alert the public. Thanks tips.

Brother of woman who accused Nate Parker (director and star of The Birth of a Nation) of rape, speaks out. His sister committed suicide in 2012 after developing situational depression says her brother, who preferred to remain anonymous in order to honour his sister’s wishes. Parker was acquitted but the trial is being re-examined.


Scientific American reports on the unchartered territory of uterus implants for transgender women.

“To date there are no hard answers about whether such a fantastical-sounding procedure could enable a transwoman to carry a child. The operation has not been explored in animal trials, let alone in humans. Yet with six planned uterine transplant clinical trials among natal female patients across the U.S. and Europe reproductive researchers are hoping to become more comfortable with the surgery in the coming years.”


Jess Martin

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