What’s Current: Young, thin women boldly follow fashion trend of the moment

Image from the Toronto Star's story about conventionally-attractive women going braless
Image from the Toronto Star’s story about conventionally-attractive women going braless

Being young, thin, and attractive enough to go without a bra without being publicly ridiculed (or physically in pain) is, like, totally feminist according to the Toronto Star.

Egyptian MP argues that women and girls should undergo FGM in order to accommodate men’s “sexual weakness.”

Justice Robert Camp finally under fire for outrageous 2014 comments made during a sexual assault trial. Camp asked the victim, now a 24-year-old University of Calgary student, why she couldn’t “keep [her] knees together,” also saying things like, “sex and pain sometimes go together… not necessarily a bad thing.”

A new study on sex buyers reveals that men who pay for sex are aware that the women they buy are exploited, coerced, pimped, or trafficked, but this knowledge fails to deter them.

Instructor of university “consent classes” describes the backlash from male students: “In the sessions, when asked what they would do if someone tried to stop having sex with them after initially saying yes, someone responded, ‘I’d call her a b***h.’ Someone else replied, ‘I physically can’t stop having sex once I’ve started.'”

Jess Martin

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