What’s Current: Polish women to strike in protest of abortion ban

Protest against plans to introduce new abortion law in Poland. (Image: Tomasz Gzell/EPA)
Protest against plans to introduce new abortion law in Poland. (Image: Tomasz Gzell/EPA)

Female workers in Poland will strike on Monday, in order to protest and draw attention to attempts by the right wing government to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or if the woman’s life is in danger. Called the “black protest”, strikes will be taking place in over 60 Polish cities and a number of businesses and corporations have pledged to shut their doors in solidarity.

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In an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, accidentally references Trump’s abuse of women.

Leon Foster and Angel Gomes, a transwoman, ran an organized prostitution ring under the business name, “Kelly Shemales,” in the south of England. They have been spared jail by a judge, who said the couple thought they were “helping” their friends.

NBC is producing a new sitcom called Mail Order Family about a white man who orders a Filipina mail-order bride to help raise his daughters.

New York is starting a $5 million fund for women in film and theatre. This will be the first major municipal program geared toward helping female filmmakers and theater-makers in the U.S.

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