What’s Current: After mass protests, Polish legislators vote to reject abortion ban

'Black Monday' protest against proposed abortion ban in (Image: REUTERS/Lukasz Kaminski)
‘Black Monday’ protest against proposed abortion ban in (Image: REUTERS/Lukasz Kaminski)

After mass outrage, Polish government rescinds plans to ban abortion across-the-board. The Guardian reports that Liberal MP and former prime minister Ewa Kopacz says the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) had “backtracked because it was scared by all the women who hit the streets in protest”.

B.C.’s child advocate, Mary Turpel-Lafond, delivers a report on lack of government responsiveness to sexual abuse of children and youth in care:

“Clearly, there is an urgent need to better prevent and to respond more appropriately to sexualized violence against children and youth in care,” says Turpel-Lafond, “particularly when it comes to Aboriginal girls.”

Father of Brampton woman convicted of killing her sister-in-law finally comes clean about his role in her death. Kulwant Litt, 67, admitted to accessory after-the-fact after years of lying to the court and the police.

Cree musician Buffy Saint-Marie calls for an adult only residential school exhibit in the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, noting that while the graphic nature of this human rights abuse may not be appropriate for children, the public needs to see the whole truth.

Want a full outline of the Jian Ghomeshi “takedown?” Look no further. Note: unfortunately this article gives credit to two male journalists for “flushing Ghomeshi out,” when women had clearly been raising the red flag for years.

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