What’s Current: New billboard campaign in Vancouver reminds the public that buying sex is against the law

New billboards reminding the public that buying sex in Canada is against the law are up all over Vancouver! The johns are pissed. Hopefully the VPD and Gregor Robertson take note.



The Guardian on the verdict that found Ched Evans not guilty of rape:

“There is real concern that this sequence of events will make the prosecution of rape cases harder and reporting rarer. The verdict breathes fresh life into the old prejudice that how a woman has behaved in the past can be taken as evidence of the way she behaved at the time of the alleged rape, that — in the ancient formulation — “unchaste women are more likely to consent and less worthy of belief”. It will deter victims from going to the police for fear of having their private lives raked over; it could make convictions, already hard to achieve, even harder; and it will further embolden defense lawyers in rape trials who know how effective it is to apply for sexual history to be admissible, a tactic that even when it is disallowed has been shown to influence jurors’ opinion of the victim and lead to more acquittals — just when the leap of 123 per cent in reported rape over the past five years already suggests England and Wales are facing an epidemic that neither police nor courts can keep up with.”

Breastfeeding woman banished to the basement of a Toronto country club. (The board president of the Lambton Golf and Country Club has since apologized.)

I hope this woman files for divorce.

Seems like lefty hero Julian Assange (and Wikileaks) are allied with Donald Trump. Surprise?

Doctor’s efforts to help passenger in need of medical assistance on a Delta flight rebuffed because she is black.



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