What’s Current: Billboard tells undocumented women to ‘get a sugar daddy’

undocumented-immigrant sugar daddy

The sex industry openly admits to feeding on women’s desperation and the racist legacy of empire — a Texas billboard suggests “undocumented” Mexican women get a “sugar daddy” in order to avoid deportation.

Glosswitch: No, men do not have the right to reproduce.

“In order to exercise his ‘right’ to reproduce, a man requires the cooperation – or failing that, forced labour — of a female person for the duration of nine months. He requires her to take serious health risks, endure permanent physical side-effects and then to supress any bond she may have developed with the growing foetus. A woman requires none of these things from a sperm donor.”

@ManWhoHasItAll offers 10 little insights into what men really want.

Feminist philosopher, Sandra Lee Bartky, dies at 81, leaving behind a fantastic legacy of work.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.