What’s Current: Solidarity with Standing Rock!

Image: Sacred Stone Camp Facebook Page
Image: Sacred Stone Camp Facebook Page

Solidarity with Standing Rock. A statement from our sisters at Af3irm:

“As transnational women of color whose histories and presence in North America are tied to the occupation, colonization, and the dispossession and invasion of our ancestral lands, we have witnessed the full impact of how people are deprived of land and how land is deprived of its people by white supremacist dominionism and colonialism. We have experienced violence against the earth as inextricably linked to violence against women and children, as we are dispossessed of our homes and communities, our own bodies, and the memory of our ancestral language and history.”

Gerry Sklavounos, the MNA who left the Liberal caucus last week after being accused of violently sexual assaulting a student, has taken medical leave from the National Assembly.

After a Quebec-based group called Stop Rape Culture rallied tto denounce violence against women and to call on the government to take action, the Quebec government unveiled $200 million strategy to prevent and counter sexual violence.

A young man awaiting trial, accused of two rapes, has decided he wants to identify as woman.

Kim Pate, executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies and  assistant professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law has been appointed to senate.

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