What’s Current: Gabriel Brandon Klein has been charged with murder of female student at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School

Abbotsford Senior Secondary School. (Image: Tristan LeRudulier/CBC)
Abbotsford Senior Secondary School. (Image: Tristan LeRudulier/CBC)

Gabriel Brandon Klein, a man in his early 20s, has been charged with the second-degree murder of a female student and the aggravated assault of another at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School.

Calgary Domestic Violence Collective raises concerns over drastic spike in domestic violence cases in 2016. Staff Sgt. Rob Davidson says, “We have not seen domestic violence rates this high since 2004.” Calgary police cite the economic downturn as a contributor to the issue, neglecting to note that job losses don’t beat women. Men do.

DNA tests show that at least two children of women receiving fertility treatments from Doctor Norman Barwin were conceived with his sperm without their consent. The women were led to believe they were being inseminated with their partner’s sperm.

Paul Bernardo’s day parole hearing has been set for March. Unlike Paul Bernardo’s psychopath status, the date for the hearing is subject to change.

Clinical trial for male birth control halted due to side effects women have been putting up with for decades.

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