What’s Current: White, wealthy voters give a white supremacist woman hater the most powerful political position in the world

White dudes getting fired up. Photograph: Associated Press
White dudes getting fired up. Photograph: Associated Press

Exit polls demonstrate that, contrary to the popular narrative of frustrated working-class folks voting for an anti-establishment candidate, Trump’s supporters are overwhelmingly rich whites. 

For a little bit of sense, Vancouver Rape Relief offers solidarity statement with women globally after last night’s events:

“We hope that Trump’s victory is the final blow to break the denial of how deeply embedded racism, misogyny and capitalism is in our society. We stand in solidarity with women in America and women worldwide. We remain hopeful and unyielding in our shared fight for women’s freedom.”

The not-so-honourable Stephen Harper, on the other hand, offered up a statement of solidarity with Donald Trump and the destruction of the earth:


Indigenous women leaders erect a totem pole honouring survivors in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

British banker convicted of raping, torturing, and murdering two Indonesian women, while filming it on his iPhone.

Jess Martin

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