What’s Current: The Women’s March was a massive display of political solidarity by the global female class

Women in N.Y. take to the streets. Photograph: Susan Watts/New York Daily News/Getty Images

Around half a million people (mostly women) came to the Women’s March on Washington in D.C. Three times more people than Trump’s Inauguration.

At the rally, speakers included Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Alicia Keys, and many more. (Many amazing, some not so great).

After the march, protesters dumped their signs on the doorstep of the Capitalist in Chief’s D.C. hotel.

It didn’t end there: Women flooded the streets in every major city around the country, with 750,000 coming out in downtown L.A.!

According to political scientists, it was the largest day of protests in US History.

Canadian women came out in droves in Vancouver, Toronto, and even the most remote corners of the country to demonstrate solidarity with not just sisters in the states, but all of female-kind.

Some men were offended that women so frankly and unashamedly politicized their female anatomy, which had nothing to do with men and their penises. But protestors appeared to not give a damn, having left their teeny-tiny violins at home.

What started as a small protest turned into a global female uprising: from Tokyo to Capetown, Paris to Cairo. In fact, there were women’s marches on January 21st on ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS! Coming in at a total of 673 Sister Marches.

Trump responded today by signing an anti-abortion executive order as one of his first acts in office, cutting U.S. funding to women’s reproductive healthcare across the world.

But this isn’t over. Women are watching you, Trump. This historical moment has only been a preview of what we’re capable of: We are half the human population of the ENTIRE PLANET, and we will rise up to fight for our liberation, together.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.