What’s Current: National inquiry into missing & murdered Indigenous women caves to pressure to include testimonies of men & boys

Canada’s hard-won and long-awaited national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls has caved to demands to include testimonies of men and boys. Thanks to recent pressure from some Indigenous men, allied with the anti-woman men’s rights movement, the MMIW inquiry will now redistribute resources and focus away from it’s original purpose of specifically addressing the victimization and targeting of Indigenous women and girls, which happens overwhelmingly at the hands of men through sexualized violence.

Toronto pimp gets 13-year sentence for enslaving and torturing 19-year-old Indigenous woman. Previous trafficking sentences have only been as high as eight years.

UK MP Philip Davies sounds more like a trolling MRA than a politician. Laura Bates writes:

“Today Davies called for the word ‘women’ to be removed from the women and equalities committee. He has previously described feminists as ‘zealots,’ voted against equalities legislation, argued against equality targets in the workplace and once tabled a private member’s bill that would have repealed the Sex Discrimination Act 2002. Last year, he spoke at a conference organised by the Justice for Men and Boys party, which is known for presenting petty ‘whining feminist’ certificates to women’s rights advocates, and promoting inflammatory, misogynistic articles on its website such as one entitled ’13 reasons women lie about being raped.’”

Ex-cop Daniel Hotzclaw, sentenced to 263 years in prison for specifically targeting and raping women of colour while on-duty, files to appeal his conviction.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.