What’s Current: We were warned. We were given an explanation. Nevertheless, we persisted

Here are 25 women who were warned, given an explanation, but nevertheless persisted. <3

A new photo of a young Harriet Tubman was discovered in an abolitionist’s journal.

The Aboriginal Women’s Action Network (AWAN) reponds to Canada’s National inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women inclusion of men and boys:

“Those who are behind the campaign to ‘Expand the Inquiry’ fail to understand that colonization bestowed patriarchal privileges upon men while disempowering women, a reality that is exacerbated by racism…

Patriarchy, poverty, and colonialism colluded to enable male violence against women. Indigenous women and girls in survival mode of being prostituted face the worst forms of male violence. Since MMIWG rose to public attention, Indigenous men and Chiefs’ Organizations have made every effort to insert themselves as spokespersons, as champions of the issue of violence against women, and now as part of the Inquiry. Alas, they have yet to learn how to support and be allies to Indigenous women. They must take responsibility for their contribution to male violence, move out of the way, and follow Indigenous women leadership on the issue.”

The Black Women’s Defense League teaches women to stand their ground and defend themselves against male violence.

Free Bresha! When surviving childhood means killing your father.

“Bresha’s family members say the teen made an impossible calculation. She traded her figurative prison for a literal one so the rest of them could finally break free. Now, they are fighting to bring her home.”

The UK Women’s Equality Party is also going to be… Striking?


Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.