What’s Current: NFL player, Jameis Winston, says girls should be ‘silent’ and ‘polite’

During a speech at a St. Petersburg, FL elementary school, NFL quarterback Jameis Winston, told the girls to “sit down,” while he explained that boys are supposed to be “strong,” but that girls are to be “silent, polite, gentle.” Winston’s comments felt especially troubling considering that he was accused of sexual assault five years ago.

David Aird, VP External of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU), resigns amid allegations of sexual violence.

This white South African DJ says she’s a black woman trapped in a white body.

New Zealand teen speaks out about the fear and discomfort she is faced with in light of her school’s decision to let trans-identified males into girls’ facilities.

In her new book, The Disappearing L: Erasure of Lesbian Spaces and Culture, Bonnie Morris writes:

“As a woman, lesbian, and feminist; a dinosaur facing extinction in this new queer jungle. I’m writing now to describe what it looks like and feels like to be written out of history.”

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • fxduffy

    I can rap with the best
    I’m well-endowed
    I’ve got shake & bake moves on the court
    I can doogie and juke
    My hair tends to kinky
    I’ve got soul
    I’ve got the outsider’s blues too
    Whites are too repressed
    They repress me.
    I want out.
    I’m a black man locked up in a white man’s body.
    I’m black man, no one can tell me otherwise.
    And no one will.

    RE: Winston. Jameis Winston is a hypocritical jerk. Only by legal manipulation did he manage to get drafted at all. He should be bending over backward to speak out and support women. Ray Rice’s elevator assault on his fiance was a horrendous act, caught on video, but Rice apologized on countless occasions, became an anti-domestic violence spokesman, and never played another game in the NFL. He should be Winston’s model.

  • Cassandra

    The erasure of the agent has been going on for a very long time, but it really is worse than ever now.

  • FierceMild

    Like, it’s inclusive, non-accusing, male friendly language? Don’t you know that the most important thing in the history of ever is inclusive language? Why are you making literally violent comments?

    • Wren


  • Wren

    I feel like he just directly said what nearly every man has ever said to me in backhanded comments like “you’re so loud”, “please be nice”, blah blah.

    Like I hate Winston but he’s just like the others, but dumber.

    • Rich Garcia

      @disqus_enipAN0Ij0:disqus ALL males are created equal according to liberals. Black, white, Asian, straight, gay, autogynephilic (these people aren’t going “above” or “beyond” gender, but are reinforcing it, so I ain’t gonna call them “trans”). It’s females whose bodies and even private spaces are considered public property.

      Liberal politics are men’s rights politics, as long as these men have been determined to be victims in some form or another. Women are secondary or inconsequential. Hell, ex-Muslim women get attacked by the left as “Islamophobic” for challenging the Patriarchal religion they were born into. The differences between misogyny on the both sides of the political spectrum are only superficial.

      • Wren

        It’s true and so depressing. This makes me think about how so many black women, particularly mothers, come out to make strong statements about racial violence against black boys, but black men don’t do the same for women and little girls. It hurts.

        It sucks that black boys get shot, but every day black girls are getting sold and raped (and by cops, too) over and over again. Where is the outrage???

        • FierceMild

          Men of colour don’t support women of colour – or any women for that matter – because that would undermine their superiority complex. Do they face discrimination? Absolutely. Do they still think they’re fundamentally more human than women? Absolutely.

          A Latino associate of mine told me he couldn’t vote for Hilary because he was raised to believe that women weren’t suited to leadership…I told him I was raised to believe that Hispanic men weren’t suited to anything but landscaping and that didn’t stop me from SEEING THE FUCKING REALITY of their ability to do all of the things that humans can do. He looked uncomfortable, and he voted for Trump.

          Men are not with us. Thy do not want to make common cause with us. They don’t care how we are used by men. Even when there is no excuse for them not to see and understand better, they will not. Again, they do not care what happens to us. They do not.

          • Wren

            That’s a great retort.

          • Wren

            And it’s true but it’s hard for me, as a hopelessly straight woman, to accept. I’m looking for a miraculous unicorn with a dick.

          • oneclickboedicea

            If you find one, it will simply be a man with a dick growing out of his head, in other words, a dickhead. There are no unicorns, just dickheads.

          • Wren

            Lol! I set myself up for that 🙂

          • FierceMild

            I’m also completely hetero. I married a unicorn with a dick (I know, I know, it’s an institution formed to favour men. We were young.) I don’t know if they exist in the wild. Mine was almost entirely raised by women so I think that has a lot to do with it. He also posseses a very unusual kind of integrity (i.e. never liked or used porn even as a teen) if I could pinpoint what brought that out in him I feel like something could be done with it.

  • Liz

    the cheerleaders are there to reassure the men in the crowd that they aren’t gay even though they *live* for the men whose muscles stretch and twist and strain against their tight shiny pants.

  • Wren

    I would loooove to throw this in to some SJW’s face but I feel like they might implode.

    • Cassandra

      When the Rachel-what’s-her-name thing happened there were a few threads on Jizzabel of people trying to explain why it’s TOTES DIFFERENT. Of course none of it held water. It might still be hanging around the Jizz ethernet.

      • FierceMild

        That peak transed several black women in my circle. They were just not okay with the Rachel D. and either they had felt the same about transwomen the whole time and were just like, “fuck it I’m just going to say,” or it all came together as one thing.

  • fxduffy

    There was some question as to whether Winston would enter the draft at all because of the rape charges against him, but because of some behind the scenes maneuverings, the charges were dropped. And thus the draft.

    As to Ray Rice, relatively speaking, he was much more convincing in his apologies than any other NFL player before him caught in a similar crime He repeated these endlessly at many venues, and in front of many different “audiences.” He also has spends way more than token time making appearances in which he opposes and contests domestic violence. He does this both officially and off the record.

    Anyhow, I don’t think anyone understood by whole post–which I don’t get.

    • Liz

      All I see is things working out as usual for a rapist…there were NEVER ANY rape charges against Jameis Winston. The possibility of any criminal charges was resolved by the end of 2013. He won the heisman like a week after they announced no charges. The civil trial for his victim’s lawsuit won’t even start until later this year.

      And as for Ray Rice, again he would have *somehow* managed to privately cope with “the worst decision of his life” if it weren’t for the videos. He should have done time for assault, that would have been an important message. Instead, the message is “even when caught on video knocking a woman out cold, the batterer got the charges dropped.” Parking his ass on a few NFL-sponsored domestic violence panels is just lip service. Also, he went after the Ravens for wrongful termination over this incident! He thinks they were wrong to fire him and cut his contract! So much for taking responsibility, whoops!

      why are you carrying these dipshits’ water? [I say after I just spent like 10 minutes too much time thinking about it myself…joke’s on me too, I guess]

  • Gaiauchis

    They want girls to be silent because they are afraid of our potential. They know we do better in school and in college. They know we are better than them. There’s not other explanation. It’s pure hate and jealousy.

  • Cassandra


  • Cassandra

    I post this every once in a while…maybe just to remind myself that there are people who see it for what it is.


  • Thanks, whoever is doing the moderation for this tread! Sometimes you have bad days, freakout–then realize you need to just let it all go!!!! Thanks!