What’s Current: Trump tells Planned Parenthood funding can stay if abortion goes

Trump tells Planned Parenthood its funding can stay if abortion goes.

The BBC has issued Dame Jenni Murray an “impartiality warning” for her article about womanhood in the Sunday Times. Meanwhile, the network appears partial to describing a dangerous male rapist as a woman. Sarah Ditum isn’t surprised:

“[T]he world is not organised to disadvantage and victimise people who ‘feel female’: it is organized to disadvantage those who are female. And there’s no more powerful example of this than watching the very definition of ‘woman’ become tortured and unspeakable for women who want to talk about their experiences of being female, yet freely given to male sex offenders.”

BBC investigation finds Facebook removes less that 20 per cent of reported images of child abuse.

US Supreme Court pushes Title IX gender identity case back to the Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit.

SNL skit shows the limits of liberal dudes’ “feminism.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.