What’s Current: Judge Robin ‘keep your knees together’ Camp resigns

Photograph: Todd Korol/CP

Judge Robin Camp resigns after the Canadian Judicial Council recommends he be fired:

“As a member of the Alberta Provincial Court in 2014, Justice Camp asked a 19-year-old complainant in a sexual-assault trial why she didn’t keep her knees together. He also disparaged a female Crown attorney and made critical remarks about the law governing sexual assault.”

In honour of International Women’s Day, a “fearless girl” statue has been placed opposite the Wall Street bull. A campaign has launched to make the statue of the girl staring down the symbol of American capitalism permanent.

Bangladesh introduces new child marriage law which will effectively “reduce the minimum marital age to zero.”

“Male feminist” Jamie Kilstein fired from Citizen Radio after “disturbing allegations” of predatory and abusive behaviour toward women.

Margaret Mitchell, a former member of Canadian parliament and a lifelong advocate for women and against poverty has passed away. Mitchell gained national attention in 1982 when male politicians in the House of Commons laughed at and heckled her for arguing the government ought to be concerned that one in 10 Canadian women were being battered by their husbands.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.