What’s Current: Police in Southern Ontario arrest 35 johns after six month operation

Several Southern Ontario police forces have concluded a six-month investigation into prostitution and human trafficking. Thirty five johns, targeted when they answered online ads, have been charged with obtaining sexual services for consideration. Eighteen women, ranging in age from 15 to 55 have been relocated and provided with support and assistance to exit the sex trade.

Yesterday, Cedric Anderson opened fire in an elementary school classroom in San Bernadino and killed his estranged wife, Karen Smith, who was teaching. Then he killed himself. One of the two students who were shot — an eight year old — has since died of his injuries. Police confirm that Anderson had a criminal history that included both domestic violence and weapons charges.

Allstate Insurance company refuses to pay a woman whose husband set fire to their home. They denied her claim for damages, saying the policy became “null and void” when the husband — who was also a policy holder — committed an intentional act of arson.

Arkansas declares pornography a public health crisis. The resolution says:

“Pornography normalizes violence and abuse of women and children by depicting rape and abuse as if such acts are harmless… [D]ue to advances in technology and the universal availability of the Internet, the average age of exposure to pornography is currently 11 to 12 years of age.”

Hillary Clinton says that misogyny played a role in the presidential election. Research suggests that she could be right. MSNBC convenes a panel to discuss.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.