What’s Current: Police target international distribution of child pornography via WhatsApp

Europol and Interpol supported Spanish National police in a global action tackling distribution of child pornography via WhatsApp. Thirty-nine individuals in Europe, Central and South America have been arrested so far.

Runaway Saudi woman’s plea for help exposes patriarchal control by male relatives:

“Under Saudi Arabia’s conservative interpretation of Islamic law, a male guardianship system bars women from travelling abroad, obtaining a passport, marrying or even leaving prison without the consent of a male relative.”

The patriarchy portrays Mary Magdalene as a prostituted woman, minimizing her role in history by sexualizing her.

Apparently, Pennsylvania is one of many states that has only recently gotten around to making strangulation a crime.

“The ability to charge someone with strangulation in non-fatal cases is imortant, domestic violence groups say, because choking rarely happens just once and it can often predict other, future danger. ‘One study has shown the odds of becoming a homicide victim increase by 800 percent for women who had been strangled by their partner,’ the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence wrote in a recent report.”

All-male panel fails to end Maryland law that forces women to share custody with their rapists.

Wikipedia’s overwhelmingly male editorship doesn’t like to acknowledge women artists very much. One feminist organization is trying to counter that.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Meghan Murphy

    I’d say the Star is a pretty liberal paper… But the article is from The Associated Press, which means it wasn’t written explicitly for the Star.

  • I wonder about that too. I don’t remember much so don’t know if there’s any porn to go with my abuse, but if there were it would be a decade younger than yours, so mostly colour. And my dad had an 8mm windup camera, so there might be some 8mm film. If it exists it’s probably stashed somewhere safe rather than out there, but there could always be something of me when in my teens, since I would have looked more legal at that age. In my case I don’t think I’d mind, because it would be evidence I was actually abused. (I fantasize about some turning up after my main abuser’s death. If someone else found it they’d probably destroy it without telling anyone, though.)

    I assume the police try to track down older victims as well as recent ones, but that older victims would be a lower priority since more recent victims would be more likely to still be abused. I don’t think they could let us look through a catalogue, because how would that be different than letting us look at child porn of others? They might let us look at porn of others only if there’s a good chance we could identify the victims (e.g. found in same stash). But even then I’d bet they’d cover all but faces, or distinctive elements in the background, rather than expose the whole thing. At least I think that’s what they should do.