Over 100 men were arrested for trying to buy sex from girls in Ontario — here are their names

Following a four-year undercover human trafficking investigation, York Regional Police have arrested 104 men for attempting to sexually exploit children.

Following a four-year undercover human trafficking investigation called “Project Raphael,” York Regional Police have arrested 104 men for attempting to sexually exploit children.

According to York Regional Police Det.-Sgt. Thai Truong, many of the men arrested were married, disrupting the oft-repeated lie that johns are simply lonely or “socially awkward” men who need company and affection.

Susan Orlando, of the Attorney General’s human trafficking prosecution team, reaffirmed this at a press conference on Friday, saying the men arrested “had stable jobs and families, and [were] not the type of people who [we] usually see in the criminal justice system.”

Truong added that the men came from “all walks of life” and were arrested as first time offenders for negotiating “the purchase of a prostituted child between the ages of 13 and 16 years old.” Most of the men were from the Greater Toronto area.

The police targeted men by putting ads up online, and used undercover operators who said they were children, to see if the johns would continue to pursue an encounter. Orlando says:

“All of the people caught in the sting were prepared to pay money to have sex with children… When they showed up at the hotel room that is what they expected to do. They didn’t expect to see a police officer on the other side.”

This means no actual children were victimized as part of the sting. Rather, the aim was to prevent potential predators from exploiting prostituted children in the future. Truong explained, “If you look at it from another perspective — from a preventative measure — we’ve stopped 104 men from purchasing 104 children.”

This is a particularly productive and progressive approach in that, rather than waiting for girls to be victimized, then arresting perpetrators, the exploitation itself is prevented from ever happening. This strategy is something that should, from my perspective, also be used to target men who seek to buy sex from adult women, though Project Raphael is undoubtedly a positive step towards holding predators accountable.

We know that it is very common for prostituted women to report having entered into the industry during adolescence, which tells us there is an enormous market for girls. It also tells us that there is no clear line between the prostituted women labelled “consenting adults” by advocates of legalization, and exploited underage girls in the industry. These exploited girls become exploited adults, in other words.

Indeed, after interviews and investigations in 2013, the police found that the average age of entry into prostitution was 14.8 years old in York Region. Through research conducted in 2014, police reported that 45 per cent of prostitution victims rescued in the York Region were children.

To evidence how common it is for men to seek out prostituted girls, the police reported that in just three days of the investigation in 2017, officers arrested 19 men who believed that they were purchasing sex from either a 13-year-old or a 14-year-old.

Of the 104 arrests, 32 of the suspects had pleaded guilty, and sentences ranged from three to seven months. The men also received fines and probation, and their names were entered on a sex-offender registry.* An incomplete list of the men arrested was provided by the York Regional Police:

*This article was updated on April 24, 2017 to reflect additional information.

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

Founder & Editor

Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist. She has been podcasting and writing about feminism since 2010 and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including New Statesman, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Globe and Mail, I-D, Truthdig, and more. Meghan completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her dog.

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  • lk

    While I think we should critique the justice system when it fails girls and women, I think its equally important to applaud praise it when it helps girls and women.

    Police Det.-Sgt. Thai Truong: “There’s no actual child victims in this project….If you look at it from another perspective, from a preventative measure, we’ve stopped 104 men from purchasing 104 children.These men believed they were luring children and I think if we stand by and we look at things and feel like we have to wait until a child gets sexually assaulted and harmed, I don’t think we’re doing our job as police.”

    I really like this focus on prevention..its clear that these men were on the hunt for children to rape and this investigation stopped that.

    I love that these guys names are being publicized!!!

    Personally, I would love for the police to send their wives/girlfriends letters including the conversations their husbands/bf’s were having. I cannot imagine any guy coming up with a decent explanation for why he was offering to pay someone find them a “hot” 13 year old to have sex with…

    A damn good reason to get divorced: finding out your husband is shopping around for 13 year olds that he can rape for money.

    • Meghan Murphy

      As far as I know, no other media outlet has published the men’s names, despite the fact the list was sent to all of them…

      • Wren

        Thanks for publishing them.
        Where I live in the states, the newspapers have been regularly publishing both the johns and the prostitutes arrested in stings, and these are not underage victims. Although I wish they didn’t put the women’s names, I think publishing the men is a very effective deterrent.

        • Meghan Murphy

          Publishing the names of men who buy sex is probably one of the biggest deterrents, I would think! But it’s pretty awful they are doing it to the women…

  • Tired feminist

    Well done York Regional Police and thank you Meghan for publishing their names! This article needs to be widely shared until it reaches their wives and daughters.

  • melissa

    Beyond disgusting.

    Reminds me of how almost every time there’s a story about middle aged men trying to or sleeping wiht 13/14/15/16/17 yr old girls, suddenly thousands of men come out in droves in the comments to go ” Technically he isn’t a pedo or anything. It just hebephilia/ephebophile…”, ” But attraction to youth isn’t unnatural. Its perfectly legal in many countries…” , “The age of consent is arbitrary…” etc etc.

    Even when its prostituted underage girls, gazillions of men don’t see a thing wrong with this. For instance, this article on teen girls in Greece being forced to sell themselves for the price of a sandwich out of desperation, and the top comment reads…

    “I now await the article on the group of Brit lads trying to board a
    budget flight to Greece with Suitcases full of Cornish Pasties.” 3326 up-votes


    “I am going to Greece now”

    “Packing my bags as we speak.”

    “I’m on the easy jet website booking my flight as I watch the video”

    “feminists be like…. how could men do this to these poor women!”

    “Well, the men have to do actual work for the price of a sandwich.”

    “Greece here I come! Who’s with me? First sandwich is on me boys.”

    “TYT is in favor of prostitution… but only when the sex market favors
    women. When prices favor the male clients TYT is abruptly appalled.

    If you watch this show long enough you will see that they have their own
    hypocrisies and double standards especially on the topics of gender or
    religion . I support Wolf-Pac, but am less of a TYT fan today than I was
    last year at this time” ( Comments section of a big progressive, pro-prostitution YouTube channel covering that story)

    “Honestly I don’t see the problem with this since it was consensual, and
    to be honest I think the age of consent should be lowered because a 16
    year is no child”

    “a victim? Really”

    “Legalize underage prostitution, problem solved.”

    “YOU’RE NOT A VICTIM!!! You willingly had sex with them!! If you regret it, that’s understandable, but you don’t get to call yourself a victim if you consented. Yes, even if a minor.”

    “A victim, you’re a prostitute, it’s voluntary.” ( Same you-tube channel with another video titled “Teen Prostitute Had Sex With Dozens Of Cop” . I’d link, but videos automatically create a giant thumbnail here, needlessly taking up space.Which is annoying.)

    ^This is what “progressives” have created^. Its pretty clear women are nothing to liberal men, no matter what the age. And now finally they feel free to unashamedly revel in support of their misogyny.

    • John Stuart Mill

      I have ended more than one friendship over this attitude coming to light. Men who use others for sex are sub-human and have no place in my life. i’d rather hang out with spiders and snakes than men who think this way. They’re grotesque.

      • Cassandra

        And it’s horrifying just how many of them do–way more than most women want to know or believe.

    • Just Me

      are you saying liberal men are more misogynistic than conservative men? Or that by some strange twist of nature liberal men are more prone to pedophila???

      • Tired feminist

        I’ll try to sum it up for you:

        Liberal men – women/girls are men’s public property
        Conservative men – women/girls are men’s private property

        • Just Me

          That’s what you believe. But that wasn’t what Melissa said. she made specific comments about liberal men.

    • Leo

      Those comments are just absolutely sickening. There’s indeed no empathy there whatsoever, the women and girls are just things to be used to them. Prostitution asides, they’re right though that the age of consent isn’t objective exactly, it’s just that saying that totally misses the point. From a British point of view, it is weird when those in the US react as though 16 is horrifyingly underage, but creepy older dudes should be leaving 16 year olds alone anyway.

    • Lady Dark Helmet

      Oh, God, I hate when people do that. Playing semantics because if you want to fuck a 14 years old child you are “technically” an ephebophile and not a pedophile. It doesn’ t fucking matter, it’ s a 14 years old CHILD, for Christ’ s sake!

      And what are the odds? It’ s pretty much only men who do that.

  • Anne Bonne

    Ah, an actually heartwarming story involving police protecting and serving the public, for once! Well done on publishing the names of these predators as well, Meghan – Feminist Current once again doing the important work that no one else will.

  • The men were not the kind of people they normally see in the criminal justice system.
    Right, that’s because they’ve never previously bothered to look for these men, much less bring them into the justice system. Wait until they start turning up the men who rape six and seven year olds.They will look the same, perfectly ordinary. They’ll be doctors, lawyers, judges, police, plumbers, accountants. Then what will they do? Will that be enough to make them question the toxicity of masculinity?

    • Sabine

      The ludicrous notion that perverts, pedophiles and rapists are basically all living on the fringes of society, on their own in mom’s basement, prevails. These men are literally EVERYWHERE, hiding in plain sight. The fact this website is the only one to publish their names shows how it is still seen as somehow an infringement on THEIR rights/safety to expose them as the dangerous, sexual predators they are. It’s a joke.

      • Meghan Murphy

        Exactly. It’s not just some lonely weirdo living in a basement suite. It’s your neighbour, your father, your husband, your co-worker, etc. This is our culture, it’s time people accepted that reality and fought back, instead of continuing to try to protect these men.

        • Elmer Fenderpuddy

          “It’s your neighbour, your father, your husband, your co-worker, etc.”

          And this is why it’s relatively unspoken, lenient in terms of prosecutions, ‘shocking/unexpected’ when individuals are exposed and, sadly, why so much exists in silence or with denial. It’s easier to turn a blind eye than it is to confront an uncomfortable truth.

  • John Stuart Mill

    Good for this police agency! Wonderful news. I ask myself HOW any adult could even consider buying sexual services from kids. It’s insane. Even from a strictly selfish point of view, how could any orgasm be worth this kind of risk? I know it’s a good thing that I can’t wrap my mind around it, but still. I can’t fathom any of this. If I did something like this, I’d burst into flames from the shame of it.

  • Meghan Murphy

    They will be placed on a sex offender registry list! Sorry, I should have included that detail, perhaps.

    • Wren


  • Sabine

    “It does bother me, however, that the tweet from the York police refers
    to underage rape victims as “sex workers.” It’s bad enough when this
    bullshit term is used in reference to adults, but its use for raped
    children is reprehensible. And as we know, the “adults” were probably in
    it long before they were adults.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. At the very least they should be referred to as prostituted children but raped children is the literal truth. I am absolutely sick of this “sex work” bollocks and for that term to be used in relation to underage girls is inexcusable.

  • Tired feminist

    If by “fascinating” you mean “predictable”…

  • Kelly

    I love the way you have written up their names. In our State, the names of paedophiles’ are not allowed to be advertised. They get special status under the law, so that anyone else can commit a crime and are shamed, but NOT paedophiles’. It really annoys me because I would think of all people we should advertise them.
    I hate the way our society only cares about females who are under the age of 18 years too. I mean, 18 is just an arbitrary number. Why is it okay to treat females over 18 like this, but not okay to treat females under 18. Many of the women in the sex trade that are over 18 started out when they were under 18, so they began when they were young, but for some reason, the second they hit 18, no one cares.

  • Lucia Lola


    When I first came across this news, I thought, where are the names? The closest I got was a mere sampling of ages and locations but that’s it. Like, wtf?

    And here they are.

    Again…. I LOVE THIS SITE! Keep up the amazing work! <3 Now off to share.

    • Meghan Murphy

      <3 <3

  • Lady Dark Helmet

    At the very least you know what to expect with conservatives and you don’ t end emotionally crushed when they tell you they’ re anti-abortion. Hearing a friend you have always agreed with on politics coming out one day and telling you that prostitution is empowering is soul crushing.

    • Meghan Murphy

      True. The feeling of hurt and betrayal has been extreme when leftists have let me down, with regard to prostitution and gender identity… You are right — at least with conservatives we know where they stand. The gaslighting and manipulation from liberals and leftists is crazy-making.

      • Lavender

        When feminists are ostracized from leftist circles it’s devastating because we have nowhere else to turn. They call *us* exclusionary but the truth is, nobody wants to hear what we have to say on either end of the spectrum and everywhere in between. We’re constantly taunted and defamed for sticking together by the very people who make it impossible for us to do otherwise.

        • Meghan Murphy

          For sure. I think that, for many feminists across North America, they live in places that don’t have feminist communities, so without a leftist community, they feel totally abandoned and isolated from political/activist communities entirely. I am lucky to have a strong feminist community here in Vancouver, so I’ve never really felt isolated. My particular feelings of hurt and betrayal were, I think, because these men and women who I felt betrayed by, due to prostitution and the gender identity debate, were people I considered not only allies, but friends and co-workers. I suppose I learned from those experiences, though… Leftists are not trustworthy as allies, unless they demonstrate courage and solidarity on issues like the sex industry, violence against women, gender, etc.

  • Matt Livingstone

    I don’t think that the rationale that they prevented the exploitation of 104 girls is accuarate, nor is it something they should say. They prevented the exploitation of ZERO girls, because there were no girls at risk to these men as per their actions, nor does it actually prevent them from ever exploiting or sexually assaulting anyone in the future. All they really did was slightly punish people with small sentences, public shame, and making them registered sex offenders, which is great. But stating they prevented 104 girls from being exploited is simply incorrect. You have to really stretch reality for that to be an accurate statement.

    • Colleen Vandevanter

      No, they were actively looking they just bit bait instead of girls.

    • Gayla Walther

      I disagree, they would have found what they wanted anyway at some point. Their arrests may prevent them from seeking sex with children in the future. I hope they all receive mandatory long-term counseling in order to change their motivations.

  • Gayla Walther

    I think it’s best that they stay here where the police can keep an eye on their activity in the future. If they return to their country of origin they may perpetrate and not be held accountable. We have some of the best laws in the world regarding the protection of children from exploitation and sexual assault.

  • Gayla Walther

    It’s horrifying, we need better education for kids and parents about this issue.

  • Tired feminist

    I could turn this argument back to you if I wanted. Why are you taking issue with her criticism if language is irrelevant? This is not the point, though.

    The point is that language influences our perception of reality. Calling prostitution “work” contributes to normalize it.

  • Tired feminist

    Women achieve peak fertility in their 20s. Any defense of child prostitution based on “fertility” is utter bullshit. (Not that any defense of child prostitution is valid, but you get my point.)

  • Celebrindal

    I mean, I’m sure it predates my existence since I’m just shy of 30, but I was raised in one of those super strict, James Dobson inspired, Evangelical homes/church cultures and I can very seriously attest that growing up I heard over and over again that gay men are pedophiles, point blank (not that lesbians were given much more credit, but it was assumed more along the lines that all lesbians are feminists, and vice versa, hate men and therefore also want nothing to do with children). I was told outright multiple times that children were not safe being adopted by gay men, but of course the emphasis was on boys. I mean, there’s tons more of anti-gay men propaganda I grew up with (that I now recognize as really being anti-woman, because they usually fixated on “fem” gays, penetration, etc.), but yes pedophilia was a major one. ALL THE WHILE they groomed their little girls to keep themselves sexually pure from the womb as if that wasn’t somehow contradictory (even if they wouldn’t want their daughters to be the victim of pedophilia, the fact that they’ve literally sexualized their daughters from birth by expecting her to never do anything that might be considered provocative, before she even should understand the word, flies over their heads).

  • Meghan Murphy

    Rebranding prostitution as ‘sex work’ has had a notable impact on the way self-described progressive people and even feminists think about prostitution, though. There has been this massive push to treat ‘sex work’ as harmless and a ‘job like any other.’ The industry has been very successful in convincing third wavers and leftists to advocate on behalf of the industry instead of against it. Men who buy sex, of course, don’t care what it is called. But in terms of public discourse and what is viewed as acceptable and ethical in society, language has had an impact.

  • Meghan Murphy

    LOTS of things are ‘natural’ that we don’t do or condone in society. What is ‘natural’ is not a strong argument in terms of people’s behaviour. It is irrational to expect people to behave in the same way they did thousands of years ago, in a completely different context.

  • Tired feminist

    Dude. Are you aware of what liberals are doing with the language we use to describe women’s issues? Are you aware that we’re barely allowed to say “female” anymore?

  • Tired feminist

    It’s natural for 15 year olds to be attracted to other 15 year olds. It’s not natural to be attracted to someone half your age, nope.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I am Canadian and a socialist. There is also no such thing as a ‘conservative feminist’ or a ‘republican feminist’, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    The site very clearly takes an anti-capitalist, radical approach to politics and feminism, so it’s hard for me to read your comment as one left in good faith.

  • Meghan Murphy

    We advocate against the exploitation of ALL women here, not just children. Our position against prostitution is rooted in anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist, and anti-misogynist analysis.

  • Meghan Murphy

    It’s not a constant maintained across culture or history. Prostitution did not exist in Indigenous cultures in what is now known as Canada until European men came over.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I don’t feel attacked. I’m responding to your comment. “Feminist essentialism of the 2nd wave” is not something that is real or means anything. Calling feminism ‘reductive’ because it understands the root of patriarchy is something liberals say to smear feminism. I’d highly recommend you avoid repeating this garbage.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Lots of things are ‘natural’ that aren’t ethical. Also, male dominance goes a long way back and has fully shaped our understanding of what is attractive and sexy. It’s impossible to decontextualize that reality.

  • Meghan Murphy

    “Sex work is also a broad spectrum, it also includes stripping, modelling, pornography, phone sex operators, burlesque, sex surrogates…things which are not prostitution in the sense of exchanging money for sex. Sex worker is a very broad term and doesn’t strictly mean prostitution.”

    Which is exactly why it’s not a good term to use, when discussion prostitution. “Sex worker” can apply to pimps also.

    The vast majority of customers are men. That is a reality.

  • Tired feminist

    Pornography is prostitution, you fool.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Dude. This isn’t a gender studies 101 paper. You aren’t saying anything.

    With regard to the origins of patriarchy, I’d recommend Gerda Lerner. In short, patriarchy exists to control women’s reproductive capacity. i.e. patriarchy oppresses those born female, not those who ‘identify’ as feminine.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I think that the problem here is that you are using the term ‘conservative feminism’ to refer to political parties, rather than political ideology. It is possible for women who vote conservative for whatever reason and who maybe even are part of the conservative party to hold various positions and beliefs that intersect with feminism. But that that reality does not mean there is a thing called “conservative feminism”…

  • Tired feminist

    Well, if conservatives pushed the Nordic model in my country, even I would vote for them… this doesn’t mean they’re feminists, or that conservative feminism is a thing. Conservatives do share some of our positions re: prostitution and sex-segregated spaces, but for very different reasons.

  • marv

    To use athlete, musician and engineer to make a point about sex work is flippant. Sexual slavery is what sex work is. Prostitution is the general term that entails specific types of sexual slavery: paid rape,”stripping, modelling, pornography, phone sex operators, burlesque, sex surrogates”. Words mean more than you think,

  • Meghan Murphy

    What you are working on is a paper. We have all graduated. Good luck with your BA. We’ll see you on the other side.

  • Meghan Murphy

    It is not *me* who defines women as female. That is what women are: adult human females.

  • Meghan Murphy

    These men knowingly tried to buy sex from girls…

  • Meghan Murphy

    Why wouldn’t they be? Unfortunately, it’s not all that difficult for men to find girls to pay for sex… They’re right out there on the street, and are being sold online.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Makes it pretty clear what they’re teaching in gender studies these days, doesn’t it…

  • Hekate Jayne

    I’m kind of laughing at that jackass.

    MANSPLAIN: “uh, yeah, those guys that thought that they were buying little girls for sex didn’t actually buy a girl, maybe they did it before, maybe not, but maybe we should leave the dudes alone because I don’t know opportunity, blahblahblah, *manly shoulder shrug*, not guilty maybe let them go. Maybe.”

    Jesus, that is some epic substandard mental gymnastics. If he is too ashamed to outright defend them, maybe he should know that those molestey rapers are indefensible.

  • Fight4Freedom

    I want to say I think anyone who does this is a piece of shit, but to say that if someone on this list is innocent has nothing to fear is dishonest.

    Many innocent people who have been labeled in the media have had their entire lives destroyed before evidenced came out that exonerated them at trial.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Sex IS ‘defined according to biology.’ That is how you define sex. It’s not just, like, our personal opinion here on this site.

  • Meghan Murphy

    What does this mean?

  • Meghan Murphy

    You’re comments are consistently unclear and convoluted, as i’ve mentioned to you already. You could consider simply clarifying your arguments, instead of pretending those who don’t understand your confusing comments are the problem…

    What does “Except that raped children aren’t just being exploited by the men who rape them” mean? Who else are they being exploited by?

    • Megan Jones

      There’s nothing convoluted about what I wrote.

      Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, harbouring
      and/ or exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of
      a person in order to exploit that person, typically through sexual
      exploitation or forced labour. It is often described as a modern form of

      • Meghan Murphy

        Thank you for clarifying! I had no idea what you meant.

  • angry tardis

    Why? Or do you just mean the brown ones?

  • Tired feminist

    So that they rape children in their country of origin?

    • Elysiadon

      Well, you can notify the cops in their country of origin, but yeah—in all likelihood, they’d be able to offend with greater impunity there.

      • Tired feminist

        Ok. This is all I needed to know about you. Thanks, and now fuck off from feminism.

  • Elysiadon

    Yeah. That’s my point.

  • Elysiadon

    “If they were innocent”
    They almost certainly aren’t innocent. Which is, y’know, my point.

    “If they were innocent they’d have no reason to fear being outed.”
    What the actual fuck.

    “This is a feminist space.”

    “If you want to defend men who buy sex, go somewhere else.”
    Didn’t do that.

    • Tired feminist

      Yes, you did, you misogynistic asshat. How many times do you think we’ve heard your self-righteous concern about the human rights of men who buy sex? WE DON’T CARE. Why should we? The entire world protects them already. Feminists can’t even say their names without a bunch of men like you whining about how bad this is for them. Don’t want to be outed for buying sex? DON’T BUY SEX. It’s pretty fucking simple.

  • Tired feminist

    The only pointless thing here is your presence.

  • Morag999

    Don’t be “surprised,” you say? Nobody is surprised that men want to and try and do have sex with little girls and boys and teens. Nobody is surprised when these men are married with good jobs.

    What you’re actually saying is that the men who are caught are only the tip of the iceberg, and that there are many, many more men who can be “seduced” into trying to have sex with children. But children can’t “seduce” men; it is, of course, always the other way around: men rape, sexually abuse, coerce and otherwise manipulate children into sexual activity.

    What is the point of your comment? That we had better not try too hard to catch these men, because then we’ll KNOW, for certain, just how many “nice” men are actually quite nasty and quite ready to sexually exploit children?

  • Hekate Jayne

    I am totally not surprised at the amount of males that cover up their raping of little girls.

  • unfashionable

    “The fixation on words has let to words being diluted….Nazi/Fascist is a big one . . . .”

    That’s not an example of fixation of words leading to meaninglessness; it’s at best an example of a misuse of words.

    Allowing words to mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean, without challenge, is a mind fuck for women. A really good example is Trans.

    Words and their meanings matter. Otherwise we can’t communicate effectively.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Welcome, sister!

    • Brittany Gail-Regula

      Thankyou! Not just for the welcome but for creating such an amazing safe and educational space for women Meghan! I know it is a fairly thankless task, I feel priviledged to have access to it. You are awesome!

      • kfwkfw

        I think often of how lucky we are to have this site. Smart women who are sick of this shit all in one place 🙂

  • meh

    WTF? So if married men with stable jobs don’t actually initiate contact but want to rape 13 year olds that’s ok? You can choose to try to rape a 13 year old but nobody can coerce or persuade you into doing that.

  • meh

    “but it does at times come across as hard right moral majority puritanism.”

    No, it doesn’t. But you already know that.

    I’m commenting from Australia where the Liberal party are hard right conservative/republican/Tory.

    Irrelevant how you wish you could brand it anyway as this entire site is dedicated to giving women the same political, economical and societal human rights as men.

    But then, you already know that too.

  • Martin Langevin

    Any person convicted of child molestation should be forced to accept surgical castration or oophorectomy along with at least one year of individual or group therapy as a precondition for release in addition to serving their sentence.