What’s Current: Allstate denies insurance claim of Ontario woman whose husband set her on fire

Allstate takes advantage of loophole to deny the insurance claim of another battered woman in Ontario, Wendy Soczek, whose husband set her on fire. Turns out women aren’t “in good hands” with Allstate…

New Hampshire Republican lawmaker Robert Fisher is revealed to be the man who created Reddit’s woman-hating “Red Pill” forum.

Julie Bindel: If we judge a sexual assault victim on whether they drink, we may as well declare rape legal.

The world needs to follow France’s lead on banning degrading and dehumanizing images of women in advertising:

“[O]ur public spaces are contaminated, the commons mismanaged. No one has exclusive rights to these spaces, but advertisers too often engage in visual and psychological pollution, as if the commons belong exclusively to them.

This pollution happens most frequently in the presentation of women for gratification, consumption and profit… in images of women topless, having violence done to them, made submissive by fear, on their backs, up for it, adorning, adoring, decorative objects with nothing to offer but their sex. They are presented as passive, vulnerable, headless, short of clothing, as sex aids – and sometimes dead.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.