What’s Current: ‘All feminists want to be raped,’ says state rep in Reddit forum

Image: Jurgen Appelo

New Hampshire State Rep Robert Fisher under fire for the creation of “The Red Pill” forum on Reddit, one of the internet’s foulest misogyny cesspools. “Feminists are obsessed with rape because we live in a rape fantasy culture, where feminists wish they were hot enough to be rape-able,” he wrote in April 2014.

More on the Hypatia saga: Academics suddenly experience the vitriol that has been aimed at feminists online for years.

New documentary, Citizen Jane, explores the life of  New York feminist environmentalist Jane Jacobs.

While 13 Reasons Why faces causes a stir for “glorifying suicide,” critics may have overlooked what makes the series so popular: its uncomfortably realistic take on growing up female in a rape culture.

Details of the gruesome murder of 16-year-old Hannah Leflar went public earlier today. Two teen boys (one was Leflar’s ex boyfriend) are accused of carrying out an elaborate murder plan.

Jess Martin

Jess Martin is a public relations professional, an aspiring writer, and an assistant editor at Feminist Current. She prefers to write about feminist topics, disability, or environmental issues, but could be persuaded to broaden her horizons in exchange for payment and/or food. In her spare time Jess can be found knitting, gardening, or lying in the fetal position, mulling over political theory that no one in their right mind cares about.