What’s Current: Swedish prosecutors end investigation into rape charges against Julian Assange

Image: Andy Rain/European Pressphoto Agency

Swedish prosecutors announce that they are ending their investigation into rape charges against Julian Assange, saying there is no way to detain or charge him “in the foreseeable future.”

Julie Bindel investigates pro-pimp organizations that masquerade as “sex workers’ unions.”

Former congressman Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to the felony of transferring obscene material to a minor; admits to sending and soliciting sexually explicit images in text exchange with a 15 year-old girl.

The Calgary Police Service commits to an external audit of sexual assault files by representatives of local sex-assault centres, medical staff, and an official with Alberta’s Ministry of the Status of Women.

Hilla Kerner, representing Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, will appear on CBC’s The Current on Monday, May 22nd, to discuss Bill C-16, Canada’s gender identity legislation. You can read the full submission Kerner presented to the Senate Committee tasked with studying the bill here.

Lisa Steacy
Lisa Steacy

Lisa Steacy is an Assistant Editor at Feminist Current. She has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. However, the women she met in her five years as a frontline worker and collective member with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter deserve almost all of the credit for her feminist education. She lives in Vancouver with her partner and their cats.

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  • Meghan Murphy

    Yes! I am SO stoked the CBC is finally letting actual feminists speak to these issues. I’ve had to pull way back on my CBC listening this past year because I can’t stand their non-feminist coverage of gender identity stuff and they seem wholly obsessed with it.

  • ohio ham

    There is no way these charges were real. They were created to bring Assange into the US where he could be killed with deniability. Since he helped Putin put Trump into the whitehouse Assange is now getting rewarded.

    • marv

      “Assange, while not guilty of any crime yet, clearly and demonstrably should face trial in Sweden. And leftists should abandon the apologism for his alleged actions and those of other left wing men when they are accused of sexual crimes and remember that, yes, left-wing men do also commit rape and sexual violence, and no one, no matter what else they may have done, should be above answering for it.”


  • Meghan Murphy

    Yes exactly. (Also, fyi, It’s on the radio!)

  • OldPolarBear

    I have heard and read suggestions from certain quarters that the party elites — of both parties — who run things and make decisions on what candidates we will be allowed to vote for actually like having candidates and office holders with secret “issues” with which they can be blackmailed into going along with the program if necessary. This includes criminal sexual acts. A few years ago, I might have dismissed that kind of talk as the farthest out of tinfoil-hat wingnuttery; now it’s starting to sound frighteningly plausible.

    • lk

      Very interesting…I have never heard that before.

      But I guess it makes perfect sense…candidates with secrets make the best puppets and are the easiest to control!

  • Atheist

    I guess you aren’t aware that a country’s embassy is basically the same thing as being on their land, which is why the UK can’t arrest him. That is the equivalent of fleeing the country. Still not the actions of an innocent man. And yes, he SHOULD have faced the music here in the United States too. A man of conviction would have stood up to the system instead of stealing from it for his own amusement. Need I remind you that his evading the charges helped get Trump elected? Or does that not concern you because you won’t be affected by Trump’s fucked up policies?

    You’re disappointed? L M A O I’m disappointed that every time a man is charged with rape, people ALWAYS say it’s false and even if a man is convicted, they say the trial isn’t fair. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. The whole “false allegation” narrative is so overdone.

    Has it ever crossed your misogynist mind that Assange might actually be guilty of rape? And that he’s not some glorious hero but probably just another psychopath that was willing to destroy America for his own selfish revenge?

    You’re just another 1 comment Disqus account, so whatever. It’s not like you’re here to actually talk to anyone, just scold us for not sucking Assange’s dick.

  • Kathleen Lowrey

    It’s this left thing of sort of imaging themselves on the correct side of past fights (I totally would have opposed slavery! I’d have poked Hitler right in the eye! There would have been me on the bridge in Selma! Followed by leading a gay pride parade in a small town in the Midwest in 1978 ta da!!!) and then just existing in that fantasy world no matter what sort of present-day evidence is in front of them. Various CBC radio voices quiver with it.

    How many liberals have supported brutal U.S. imperialist interventions abroad by invoking “it’s just like stopping Hitler before he got started!”? Soooooooo many. And once they are off to the races with that, they aren’t listening anymore, they kind of are imagining their noble soliloquy in front of the assembled Warsaw Ghetto with a violin soundtrack swelling in the background, they aren’t interested in assessing any pertinent present day evidence about faraway balkan or middle eastern or north african or eastern european countries (BOOOORING!). Same thing with “transphobia”. This is their big chance! They are going to tell off The Bigots Who Are Bigoted! The next scene will be a makeover with their fabulous gay friends or possibly jolly beers and arm punches whilst fixing cars with artfully grease-smeared lesbians! Anyone telling them about women’s safety or men’s rights activism in drag is like a grownup talking in a Peanuts cartoon.

  • Dana

    Man always treat charges being dropped like watertight evidence of innocence. This is the least surprising thing ever. No one would demand you give an accused, but not convicted on a technicality, pedophile a fair chance as a babysitter. But men constantly demand innocent until definitely proven guilty treatment from women everywhere.

    For some insane reason I do like sports, but I hate talking to any male person about them, because the rape apologism is rampant with male sports fans. I only ever refer to rapist Mike Tyson as rapist Mike Tyson, because it makes them mad and they are constantly on the “but he was proven innocent” train for Roethlisberger and Patrick Kane, so fuck them.

  • DeColonise

    In terms of the whole Assange case in Sweden. I think what ultimately doomed it all was when USA started meddling in this and it became a political charade where the rape victim was nothing more but a mere pawn that USA used to try and get him extradited to US which made it all become doubtful.
    Then media here started to go all in on it and the whole case became a media and political circus.
    USA should have stayed the eff away and not turn it into a vendetta case against Assange so it could have focused on the actual charges only.